I've gotten a few calls and inquires about our storage set up at the farm. So, here is a general overview. We have three cold storage areas at Sweet Land Farm. Our main cooler is 19' wide x 24' long x 9.5' high. It is situated in the middle of our barn with a sliding door. We have a 24,000 btu air conditioner installed with a coolbot that keeps the room in the 40s during the summer and above 37 during the winter. For heat we have a thermostat with a differential that turns on a set of evaporator fans. When the room temperature dips below 37 degrees the fans kick on and circulate the air while the heat of the motors keeps the room from freezing. We also have two 46' refrigerated semi trailers that can each hold 44 pallets of produce (stacked 2 high). We have the same 24,000 btu air conditioner installed with a coolbot at the back of the trailer. Two HAF fans circulate the air in the trailers and for heat we have a 4' baseboard heater mounted on the wall of each trailer next to one of the HAF fans with an onboard thermostat. I manually turn the heaters on in the winter when the weather dips in the teens. We only start putting root crops in the semi trailers in mid October when the temperatures are dipping.